Easter has landed at Hotel Chocolat

Too Good To Hide

No need to find a hiding spot this year. These Easter treats were made to be seen and nibbled. Think gloriously grand Ostrich Eggs, satisfyingly snappable Extra Thick Eggs, and a tasteful twist on traditional Egg Sandwiches. Imagined and created by our in house chocolatiers with more cacao, less sugar, 100% ethical cacao and nothing artificial, ever. Shop the collection, in store now.

Ostrich Eggs

Our gloriously grand Ostrich Eggs are measured against the real thing. Available in four recipes; Classic, Dark, Patisserie and Unbelievably Vegan.

Easter Bunnies

Dapper Easter bunnies with meltingly soft middles, in five recipes. Made dashingly distinctive by their cute and colourful bow ties.

Chocolate Sculptress

Charming chicks, bouncing bunnies and beyond, straight from the imagination of our Chocolate Sculptress. Brimming with joy and designed to raise a smile they’re simply too good to be hidden away.

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