Lush's New Father's Day Range

Father’s Day is about making sure father figures understand just how much they mean to us, and saying thanks for all of their patience and understanding during the year. Although... it couldn’t hurt to have them smelling minty fresh too? So, this Father’s Day, whether you’re buying for your dad, in-law, grandpops, or just someone who you feel deserves it, why not ditch the socks and give them something really special!

Dirty Shower Scrub

For soft and tingly freshness, use this naked (packaging-free) body scrub in the shower. Spearmint and menthol crystals cools skin, leaving Dad feeling fresh and clean.
£8.00 each


Dirty Bath Bomb

It’s time to get cool with invigorating spearmint, tarragon and sandalwood. Turn Dad’s bath into a refreshing lagoon of crisp, muscle-soothing
mint and soak away his worries.
£4.95 each


New Dirty Deodorant Powder

A quick pit stop with this deodorant powder will have Dad feeling as fresh as a daisy. Pop some of this powder under the arms and breathe in the crisp, clean scent to keep them feeling in mint condition.
£9.00 each


Superdad Bath Bomb

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superdad! From deep, blue waters emerge the sweet and smoky powers of guaiacwood and sandalwood, Superdad is here to save the day!
£5.95 each


New Dirty Beard Oil

Pick up this solid beard oil to keep strays at bay and feeling soft. With light-weight oils and butters, their beard will feel smooth, soft and smell divine.
£6.00 each


New Dirty Shampoo Bar

Perfect for scalps that need a little stimulation, and hair that needs a deep clean, pick up this reusable solid shampoo bar for a refreshing, invigorating wash.
£8.00 each

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