Lush | Repeat Orange Foot Balm

On Friday 18th June, Lush launched Repeat Orange Foot Balm , a new innovation to Lush’s foot care range with a plant-based formula containing orange peel wax, a byproduct of the juicing industry and a vegan alternative to lanolin.  An intensive treatment inspired by traditional cold creams, Repeat is so effective you’ll want to apply it over and over again…

An image of the packaging of Repeat Orange Foot Balm.

- 100% natural formula with only 9 ingredients
- Vegan and self-preserving
- Intensive treatment for toenails, cracked heels, and dry areas
- Orange peel wax protects and shields the skin
- Deeply moisturising with jojoba and castor oil
- Long lasting hydration and antifungal protection
- The formula is inspired by traditional cold creams
- Soon to be featured in the Lush Spa’s Spell treatment


A photo of Alessandro Commisso.

Repeat was created by Lush Product Inventor, Alessandro Commisso:

"My boyfriend has got very dry feet, but I only realised during the first lockdown over a year ago. I headed to the lab and put together a cold cream using the most hydrating and repairing plant-based materials. It turned out to be a stable cream, and very effective very quickly. It became a lockdown staple, perfect to put all over the feet during those Netflix evenings." Alessandro Commisso, Lush Product Inventor


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