The Entertainer | Star Buys for Christmas

Where better to get the ultimate toy for your children this Christmas than The Entertainer?

We've rounded up some of the top 15 toys and games for this Christmas that won't break the bank- so you can be one step ahead of even Santa himself.

* All prices are correct as per October 2021 and are subject to change

  1. Cave Club Doll, £7.50*

A colourful cave girl themed doll with a little dinosaur and comb accessory.


Cave Club™ dolls spark epic storytelling adventures with neon-bright hair, prehistoric style and adorable dinosaur pets

2.Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend Snow, £19.99*

A white Rizmo toy- a cute furry creature.

Cuddle, sing and play with 7 great music based modes to evolve your Rizmo.

3.Super Wings Robot Ready Jett, £19.99

A boy playing with a red jett toy.

Push Jett's nose to hear him speak! Open arm & leg panels for flight commands. Lights & sounds.

4.Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rolling Electronic Droid Toy, £19.99*

A remote control Star Wars droid character and controller.


Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Electronic Droid Toy with Sounds

5.Turbo Force Racers, £6*

A toy car with a wrist control pad.

Portable remote control vehicle controlled from the wristband. Vehicle charges whilst docked in the wristband. Shake to charge the turbo boost!

6. Monopoly: Disney Frozen 2 Edition Board Game, £12*

Monopoly Frozen 2 box.


Journey through Arendelle and beyond in this Monopoly: Disney Frozen 2 Edition board game.

7. Mr Pop, £7.20*

The box for the game 'Mr. Pop' with a colourful illustrated man.


Are you quick enough to build Mr Pop's face before the time runs out and he goes POP!

8. Dreamworks Trolls World Tour Pop-To-Rock Poppy Singing Doll, £15.99*

A young girl playing with a pink Trolls doll.

Singing Doll with 2 Different Looks and Sounds, Toy Sings Trolls Just Want to Have Fun

9. Spin Master Games Big Bang Theory Tv Show Ultimate Genius Party Game For Teens, Adults, And Kids 12 And Up, £8*

The Big Bang ultimate genius board game with the pieces out of the box.

Get ready to put your genius on display when you play The Big Bang Theory Ultimate Genius Party Game.

10.The Cat Game Drawing Game For Teens And Adults, £4.50*

A boardgame called the cat game box, the word cat has fur coming out.

The meow-ment is here: introducing The Cat Game – a hiss-terical drawing game for cat people (and regular people)!

11. Don't Lose Your Cool Game Electronic Adult Party Game, £4.20*

A man wearing a light up head piece whilst others play around him.

Try not to react! Don't Lose Your Cool tests one's ability to stay calm under pressure.

12.Bop It! Despicable Me Edition Game, £12*

A bopit toy in the shape of a minion.

Bop, twist and pull your way into lots of fun with the Despicable Me edition of the Bop It! game from Hasbro

13. Tomy Sushi Scramble, £7.66*

A game/toy with a sushi chef and accessories.

The chopping, dodging sushi-grabbing game! Grab you sushi before the chef gives you the chop!

14. Spin Master Games Rubik’S Perplexus Hybrid 2 X 2, Challenging Puzzle Maze Skill Game, £9*

A young person playing with a rubix cube, this version of the cube has things inside each 'cube' piece.

For Adults And Kids Ages 8 And Up. Rubik’s Perplexus Hybrid 2 x 2 unites two mind-challenging puzzles in one! Roll the steel ball to the start space and twist the Rubik’s Perplexus to align the tracks and maneuver the ball through the inner maze. 

15. Speech Breaker Game, £4.20*

The front of a game called Speech Breaker.

Can you overcome the voice-jamming challenge?


Visit The Entertainer in the centre now to get the top toys and games for all ages this Christmas.








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